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Nineties OG Kush

The legend has been reborn

Exotic Flower

Indoor grown flower

The Sweetest High

Wax Infused Flavored Pre-Rolls

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Nineties OG Kush

This indica dominant strain was created by crossing Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. It boasts a complex aroma of lemon fused with notes of fuel and spice - considered to be one of the most powerful night-time medications. Nothing hits harder than the Original OG Kush.

Exotic Flower

The exotic flower line re-imagines some of the brand's most beloved flavors with the unique flower testing up to 31% THC. 

Wax Infused Pre-Rolls

High 90’s Pre-Rolls use top shelf indoor grown flower and is infused with the highest quality Cannabis Wax. Comes in 8 unique flavors.

THC: 30-40%

1.2 grams

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