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White Fire OG 13 is an indica strain made by crossing The White and Fire OG. The 13 represents our phenotype of the original White Fire OG seed drop that originated from OG Raskal. Tastes gassy with hints of earthy pine. 

With its strong sedative effects, this is the perfect choice for night time medication. Expect to be glued to your couch.

THC: 36.02%

Total Cannabinoids: 36.95%


Mamba OG is an indica strain created by crossing Black Mamba and SFV OG. This strain has a flavor profile that consists of sweet grapes with notes of earthy pine and lemon.

Expect some initial head haziness with an upbeat feeling followed by a transition into a state of deep relaxation.

THC: 27.47%

Total Cannabinoids: 28.10%


According to legend, the OG Kush strain came from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan then smuggled its way to Florida in the ‘90s. Eventually, it found its home in California. Some say ‘OG’ means Ocean Grown because it was mastered by growers in the Pacific Coast but here in LA, we call it the Original Gangster.

The Nineties OG strain was birthed by High 90’s to pay homage to the legendary west coast staple that became a worldwide phenomenon. A nod to an iconic past, the original OG Kush has won countless awards and dominated the market for decades.

This indica dominant strain was created by crossing Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. It boasts a complex aroma of lemon fused with notes of fuel and spice - considered to be one of the most powerful night-time medications. Nothing hits harder than the Original OG Kush.

THC: 28.50%

Total Cannabinoids: 29.54%

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